Abingdon County Hall Museum – Interactive Games

Following a review of visitor feedback the Museum highlighted a need to improve the visitor experience in the 3rd floor attic room. A detailed interactive software brief was issued as part of a competitive tender identifying the subject matter, learning outcomes and target audiences.

After reviewing brief requirements, Heritage Interactive response was to develop a series of educational games to allow visitors to explore the history of Abingdon in a fun and interactive way. At the same time allowing the museum staff to update the content via a content management system keeping the experience fresh for returning visitors.

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Following a successful tender, the contract was awarded to Heritage Interactive. During the project we worked closely with the museum team to develop four mini games, including a quiz, create your own exhibition, match the pairs, and a puzzle. A lively animated graphical style was used to appeal to the primary learning group of 5-11 yrs.

In addition to developing the interactive software we designed and build a large 42 inch bespoke touch table. The table was designed to match the museums existing displays and promote multi-user interaction by visitors. It also included a concealed projector which can be used by museum staff during group visits.

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The software includes a user tracking tool which records the number of users and average dwell time for the Museum, enabling them to measure the engagement effectiveness.

The Heritage Interactive team delivered an excellent service, efficient, timely and to a high standard. Our required educational outcomes were discussed in detail and have come to fruition, evidenced in the quality of the interactive and in our visitor feedback. I would highly recommend Heritage Interactive for any educational interactive based on our experience with them.

Matthew Stevens, Education Administrator & Facilities Assistant

‘Loved the jigsaw game, couldn’t drag him away from it!’

Visitor comment

‘What a superb idea, very imaginative’

Visitor comment