Cardigan Castle – AV Software & Hardware

Heritage Interactive worked closely with the interpretation sub-committee over a series of workshop events.

The team had strong visual ideas and were able to actualise these through a sensitive gathering of factual information and interpretative nuance.

The three films form the centrepiece of the Castle’s exhibition rooms.

Dr Rowan O’Neill, Creative Fellow, Aberystwyth University
Cardigan Castle Trustee

The Story of the Castle

Using archive imagery and commissioned illustrations, this animated AV provides the visitor with an overview on the history of the site. Combining 3D and 2.5D animation the story is told through the visual device of a pop-up storybook.

CCU001 (9)

CCU001 (6)

CCU001 (7)

My Castle and I – The Barbara Wood Story

This animated documentary features the somewhat controversial story of Barbara Wood who was the last private owner and resident of Cardigan Castle.

CCU001 (3)

CCU001 (1)


Cardigan Castle is reputed to be the site of the first ever Eisteddfod in 1176. Eisteddfod has now grown to become one of the world’s largest cultural festivals. We were tasked to create a short film with dual language text captions to explain to visitors what Eisteddfod is.

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