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Horrockses Yard Works – Touchscreen interactive

Horrockses Yard Works interactive is positioned in front of a vast scale model of mill buildings that used to be prominent in Preston. Visitors can gain insight, via the interactive, to what the different buildings were used for in the cotton manufacturing process. The content is accessed via an interactive illustrated 3D model. Visitors select buildings via the model and are presented with fantastic historical video footage illustrating the building’s function, a quiz, photo gallery and stories from the past.
The interactive touch screen is also linked to a 52” LCD screen mounted on the wall above the model to promote group involvement.

Harris Museum & Art Gallery

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The Elk – Touchscreen interactive

The Elk interactive guides visitors though a journey of discovery to unlock the secrets of an Elk skeleton on display which was found in the local area. They progress though the interactive from the perspective of an archaeologist, and use different techniques to unravel how, where and when the Elk died. The archaeologist techniques explored include excavation, identifying weapon injuries on the bones and lab experiments. Once all the tasks are complete the visitor can view an animated recreation of how the Elk is thought to have been hunted by humans 13,500 years ago.

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User Tracking

We also suggested and implemented the inclusion of back end user tracking software, which will track the volume of visitors and their time spent on the interactives. This will allow further insights to be gained and evaluation to be carried out relating to the impact of the new exhibits.

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Preston Family – Touchscreen interactive

The Preston Family interactive has been developed to promote visitor connection with a 17th century portrait of the Chorley Family – a key object on display. This is achieved by presenting thumbnails of the people and symbols in the painting juxtaposed with modern day Preston family portraits and symbols. Visitors explore the content via an interactive image cloud to discover the meanings of symbols, and the similarities and differences of families, both past and present.
The modern family content includes videos (with subtitles) while the portrait content is accessed by panning around the painting.
As part of an accessibility trial, all text content has been narrated by a local radio presenter and is delivered via handsets. This may be added to the other interactives at a later date.

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AV – Exhibits

In addition to editing hours of broadcast quality archive footage, we developed a bespoke computer based media player. The media player was developed to allow the museum to easily update the exhibits with new video, image and text content, via a networked administration system. Playlists can be easily created and deployed in 7 locations, across 4 different screen sizes, ranging from 15” – 52”.

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Oral History – Exhibits

The oral history element of the project involved editing supplied recordings into short and insightful clips. A significant element of editing was noise reduction and balancing volume levels on the older recordings to create a consistent listening experience.

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The gallery is working really well and we are very happy with everything.  Thanks again to you and your team for your amazing work.

Emma Heslewood, Curator of History, Harris Museum & Art Gallery