Leeds City Museum – Touchscreen Interactives

Mythology – Touchscreen Interactive

The Mythology interactive engaged and educated a young audience on mythology, part of which was a ‘top trumps’ style game, where users played ‘God’ cards against the computer. The interactive also contained a quiz of the current meanings of words used in history.

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World View – Touchscreen Interactive

This interactive is based around foreign cultures from around the world visitor explore the content via an interactive 3d globe.

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One aspect of the interactive involved a ‘Design a Mask’ game where visitors were encouraged to create their own version of a ceremonial mask by choosing various parts from a stock of items. They could then ‘make the mask come alive’ by selecting a button which animated the finished mask with relevant sound effects.

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Mapping Leeds – Touchscreen Interactive

Mapping Leeds allows visitors to explore historic maps of the city and via an interactive timeline see how the city has expanded through the years.

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Heroes of Leeds – Touchscreen Interactive

Heroes of Leeds provides access to information via a database of 2000 famous and notable people from Leeds. A nice feature of the interactive is visitors can vote for their favourite person.

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