Royal Engineers Museum – Interactive Projection Table

The brief was to highlight the Royal Engineers pivotal role in the construction of Camp Bastion through a centrepiece interactive display. The interactive uses time-based satellite imagery to show the rapid expansion of the camp, which after 10 years is now the size of Reading. Visitors interact with the satellite imagery to learn about the key developments and challenges overcome during the camp’s construction.

Since opening the interactive has been extremely well received, with visitor dwell time ranging from 4-30 minutes. The Roll of Honour has been particularly popular with the serving members of the Corps.

REM001 Project (2)

REM001 Project (4)

 The Camp Bastion interactive has been a huge success, particularly with serving members of the Corp.

R F Dunn, Director REMLA

REM001 Project (3)

The wealth of information provided is well presented and easy to navigate. It has a good mix of video and stills and provides lots of up to date info. I learned more about Camp Bastion after 30 mins on the interactive system than I have through the extensive articles produced via the Inst Journal and Sapper Mag.

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