Segedunum Roman Fort – AV Software & Hardware

I would highly recommend working with Heritage interactive. The production and delivery of the large scale introductory AV and interactive for our Roman Gallery was superb. Their collaborative approach with our curator, the interpretative designer and fit out contractor resulted in a programme that exactly met our needs and the bonus of a speedy and issue free installation’

Geoff Woodward, Segedunum Roman Fort

The Arrival AV

The Arrival AV is the first exhibit the visitor encounters within the Roman Life gallery.

This 3 minute programme is projection mapped onto the scenic setwork of a Roman Boat. The concept of the exhibit is to take the visitor on a journey back to AD122, as though they are sailing along the River Tyne to land at Segedunum Fort. Key messages are provided through animated text captions, emphasising the dangers of the journey, the splendour of the wall and the simple village life outside the gates of the fort.

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Interactive Map

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