Creative and Collaborative Approach

We believe a creative and collaborative approach is the key to producing a successful exhibit. We actively encourage creative discussion between the project team, subject specialists and ourselves. The focus is always to develop the most effective way to present the subject matter and enhance the visitor experience.

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Interactive Design & Development

Interactive museum displays offer a unique opportunity to engage and inspire visitors in a subject. They can take the form of interactive touchscreens through to multiuser immersive environments.

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 Video Editing & Production

Video is a rich and accessible medium that can be used to enhance an exhibition space, archive material, animation, commissioned filming and motion graphic can provide visitors with glimpses into past, present and future.

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Mobile Applications

Mobile applications offer new and exciting opportunities to engage with visitors in creative, informative and fun ways. GPS, camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, touchscreen and media playback are just some of the tools available to enhance a visit to your site.

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Photo & Collection Archives

An interactive photo and collection archive enables visitors to explore your collection and access interpretive content both in gallery and online.

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Content Management Systems

Allowing our customers to refresh and keep their interactive and AV displays up-to-date is an important part of the service we offer. We have developed a powerful content management system that is easy to use and requires no specialist skills.

The system has a modular and flexible software architecture allowing it to be tailored to a project’s specific requirements before installation.

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Hardware Specification & Installation

We understand the museum environment and drawing on our experience always aim to deliver previously tested, robust and low maintenance solutions that will have longevity.

Over the years we have built a trusted network of hardware suppliers who we use on a regular basis, and as a result are able to pass on considerable savings to our customers.

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We have many years’ experience in designing for accessibility and recognise that it needs to be an integral part of a project, not an afterthought.

To make our solutions easy to use and effective to the broadest spectrum of visitors we apply a range of devices to aid accessibility in all our projects. Layout, font sizes, colour palettes, BSL, subtitles, text to speech, and induction loops are just some of the tools available.

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