Armoury in Action

Tower of London

We had the exciting opportunity to provide both hardware and software for the Royal Armouries’ exhibition housed in the iconic White Tower.

The project included a range of interactive displays and games to bring some of history’s most famous characters and their armaments to life.

Visitors can train as a cavalry man, build a tower, dress Henry VIII in his armour, try their hand with a bow and arrow or design their own musket.


For our large-scale Armourer game the visitor is challenged to dress a virtual Henry VIII in the correct armour.

By dragging various sections into position, the visitor learns about the range of components that make up a Tudor suit of armour and the particular order they need to be worn in.

Apply an item incorrectly and our virtual king voices his displeasure. Run out of time – you only have three attempts – and you could be imprisoned in the Tower of London for life!

Services: Animation, Film, Interactive Development, Hardware