Cardigan Castle

We produced a number of programmes for the redevelopment of Cardigan Castle as a heritage venue. The Castle is associated with 900 years of often turbulent history and is the birthplace of one of Europe’s most important cultural festivals – the Eisteddfod.

“The team had strong visual ideas and were able to actualise these through a sensitive gathering of factual information and interpretative nuance. The three films form the centrepiece of the Castle’s exhibition rooms.”
Dr Rowan O’Neill, Creative Fellow, Aberystwyth University, Cardigan Castle Trustee

This film was designed to explain the colourful history of Cardigan Castle over 900 years. Our animated storybook approach helps visually reinforce the changing time periods and accommodate archive assets of varying quality. Actor Matthew Rhys provides the bi-lingual voiceover.

We were responsible for all storyline and image research, working closely with community groups and a local amateur historian.

This film explores the remarkable story of the last private owner of Cardigan Castle, Mrs Barbara Wood, and her struggles to remain in the Castle she loved.

The AV uses a scrapbook approach to maximise the limited visual assets that were available – many taken from an old VHS BBC Wales documentary and photos from a group of young gardening volunteers.

Finding some of the group’s original doodles inspired us to develop a series of illustrations to reflect Mrs Wood’s interests, from the music of Noel Coward to her love of gardening and stray cats.

Services: Motion Graphics, Animation