Discovery Museum

We were asked to produce a range of interactives and films for a new permanent gallery at Discovery Museum in Newcastle exploring the history of the England’s Northern Cavalry.

Our projected, 3-screen, immersive AV was designed to highlight the evolution from horse to light armoured vehicle at the start of the cavalry gallery. It also needed to reinforce the contemporary nature of the exhibition with its links to ‘living’ local regiments to explore further.

The high impact effect is created using newly filmed footage of a 19th century cavalry charge (using re-enactors) and the modern-day Light Dragoons in their Jackal vehicles. Filmed on location in Hull and Catterick, we used both drones and cameras mounted on vehicles to capture the sense of a cavalry charge pounding towards the visitor. This panoramic footage was mixed with close-up details to bring a change of pace to the sequence and make creative use of the 3-screen format.

An ambient soundtrack adds to the drama of the piece and helps build atmosphere in the entrance area of the gallery.

This wall-mounted touchscreen enables visitors to explore the Regiment’s connections to the industrial, political and cultural heritage of Newcastle and the region.

Rather than relying on a traditional map device, our menu interface uses an intriguing mix of imagery to tempt the visitor to explore further.

The whole system is updatable so the client team can develop the content with new volunteer / community research.

This client-updateable interactive provides an opportunity to explore the personal stories behind the medals on display and uncover the meanings behind their form and decoration.

We undertook our own photography for each object and developed a clear but contemporary interface to encourage discovery.