Emirates Spinnaker Tower


We produced a number of new AV programmes to help enhance the visitor experience and welcome at the Emirates Spinnaker Tower.

Our dynamic, animated film tells the city’s story in a lively, highly visual way to link the Tower with the city.

It also gives visitors an overview of the significant moments, key characters and important landmarks that have shaped the area’s development from the Roman invasion to the present day.

The film is displayed on a curved wall using two edge-blended projectors and was designed to be a crucial part of positioning the Tower as a must-see attraction in Portsmouth harbour.

We used a bespoke animation style rather than a standard archive approach to bring the story to life in a fun and imaginative way, helping make it memorable and engage a broad range of target audiences.

The video wall plays in the lobby of the Tower and is designed to encourage visitors to purchase tickets to the full experience.

Our script incorporates interesting facts as well as details of what’s on offer on each floor.

Services: Motion Graphics, Animation, Hardware