The Piece Hall


The 18th century Piece Hall reopened in summer 2017 after a £19m restoration. We were commissioned to produce a range of AV and interactive displays to bring the Piece Hall’s history to life through a series of touchscreen interactive’s, animations and films.

A 70” touchscreen enables visitors to explore the stories of three characters at a time of change for the Piece Hall. All are drawn from specific historical references and were filmed in a green screen studio so we could introduce bespoke graphic backdrops.

To supplement the client’s briefing material, we undertook our own research speaking to experts to ensure our script references and props were historically accurate.

Alongside more adult-focused content, this interactive uses the Hall’s cartoon character, Woolly the Sheep, to communicate key features of the Piece Hall to families.

Visitors have the opportunity to make a record of their trip to the Piece Hall with our selfie interactive. Period costumes are provided, and the wall opposite is blank so visitors can choose from 2 historic backgrounds.

Services: Film, Animation, Motion Graphics, Interactive Development, Hardware