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We have worked with the museums at Ironbridge on numerous projects, most recently developing a large-format, immersive floor game for Enginuity.

The client came to us with the desire to create an interactive, immersive experience that could be used by more than one visitor at a time. The exhibit needed to explain the process of creating iron ore in a blast furnace but in an entertaining enough way to capture, and hold, the attention of younger visitors.


We came up with the idea of creating a projected, floor-based interactive that would give visitors the chance to learn by discovery.

Working closely with the client’s learning team, we developed visitor interactions that matched each step in the process, encouraging the visitor to unlock content by triggering a series of fun animations.

Our animations work with synchronised multi-channel audio effects and lighting effects to reinforce the immersive atmosphere of the space. We also commissioned an illustrator to create a unique visual style for the exhibit that was extended onto the surrounding wall graphics.

The system works by using an overhead RealSense depth camera to pick up visitor movements and allow the audience to interact with the projected content.


We created a series of fun mini-games that work on large, wall-mounted touchscreens to help visitors understand aspects of the industrial and cultural heritage of the Coalbrookdale Valley.

We commissioned an illustrator to help ensure these appealed to a family audience as well as school groups.

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