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Ely Museum’s refurbishment includes a number of engaging digital exhibits designed to explore the unique atmosphere and history of the fens. These include interactive animations, character audio pieces and a digital collection management system.

Ely Museum

Within the Wise Women’s Hut, younger visitors can enjoy our series of eerie animations. The intention was to capture a sense of mystery that might have led to superstitious beliefs and stories.

We reworked spooky tales from medieval folklore and brought them to life using animated illustrations and a captivating narration.


This AV explores the conflict and crisis initiated by the draining of the fens in the 1600s. To bring this complicated story to life we collaborated with artist, David Rooney, to develop a series of bespoke illustrations.

Looking to deepen engagement, we invite the visitor to touch the screen at key intervals to advance the story.


This film brings to life the Museum’s collection of ancient flint tools with the help of prehistoric skills expert, Will Lord.

We filmed Will in his outdoor studio to create an atmospheric setting as he explains how our ancestors would have created flints similar to those on display.


Ely Museum was formerly the town’s gaol and the new museum displays include an authentic reproduction of an original cell. Our character monologues introduce the Victorian gaoler and four felons – a rioter, a debtor, a child thief and a murderer.

Our scripts are based on original records selected by the client team to cover a range of offences, punishments and character backgrounds. We worked to condense these into manageable scripts that quickly told the story.

Exhibition design: Simon Leach Design  |  Fit-out: Workhaus  |  Hardware: DJW

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